We know being stranded in a long distance relationship can be really hard, especially if you have aching hearts for each other, so we came up with these creative activities

to keep your hearts aching a little less.

Go Old School

Look around town for parched paper and a fountain pen, sit down and write an honest letter expressing your

aching heart. Address the letter to your sweetie and

ask the post office to send with an old-fashioned stamp.

Long Distance Heart

Candlelight Dinner by Skype or FaceTime

Arrange for a local restaurant to prepare and deliver dinner for your long distance heart (or go casual and order a pizza). Arrange to meet on Skype or FaceTime at a designated time. Setup your laptop or iPad, light candles and enjoy an evening of each other's company and conversation.



One of our most popular ideas, send hilarious, MadLib-esque hug messages to your sweetie. Available for iPhone,

iPad and Android.


Bedroom Noise Rhythm Blues

A reader sent us this romantic album and we LOVE it. Preview it at iTunes and gift it to your sweetie. Our favorite songs are "Tangle" and "Fallen".

Click Here to Listen.

Adults Only

Last but not least, and one of our favorites, if you’re

feeling desirous at night, then follow this guide
"How To Have Phone Sex":


Check back often as we will continually update this site

with new ideas and activities for long distance hearts.

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